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We Service Automatic Pool Cleaners - Maintenance & Setup

The automatic pool cleaner is a device that leapt right into the hearts of pool owners and service technicians alike. Automatic pool cleaners vacuum and brush the pool, while improving circulation in the pool and the distribution of heat and chemicals.

Some automatic pool cleaners are made specifically for above ground pools or in-ground pools or for pools with concrete linings or vinyl linings, while others will work well in more than one type of pool. We service and setup all makes & models. Pool cleaners have achieved wide-spread use and acceptance by consumers and the service industry. They are generally broken into three categories:

These are cleaners that attach to the suction side of your plumbing. The suction side refers to the pipes and fittings that bring water out of the pool to be filtered; that water which is being “sucked” out of the pool by the filter pump. Usually this is the pool skimmer, although some older pools have a dedicated vacuum line.

Need An Automatic Pool Cleaner Installed?

Different pool types and plumbing call for different pool cleaners. If your pool cleaner is moving more slowly than normal, you may need to clean its debris screen, filter, or pump basket. You may also need to tighten its tires, tracks, or wheel bearings. If it does not move at all, it may have sticks and stones stuck inside it, or it may need a new belt. If you need your automatic pool cleaner serviced, give us a call for a FREE estimate or fill out an online quote form. We’d be happy to take a look at it for you. If you need a new automatic pool cleaner installed, we’d also be happy to recommend and install a product that will save you time and money.

We Install & Service Salt Cell Chlorine Systems

Saltwater chlorination for pools and spas is fast becoming an industry standard and we specialize in the installation and repair of salt cell equipment. Now you can turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for both pool and spa water that’s clean, clear and soft. Electronic chlorination has become the simple, safe and affordable alternative to using harsh, chemically-produced chlorine to sanitize pools and spas.

A salt chlorination system can save time and money on your chemical bills, but it still needs to be serviced from time to time. The number one maintenance item for a salt water chlorinator is to clean the salt cell regularly, every 2-6 months, but only as needed. Mineral deposits bridge the space between the metal plates, and not just in hard water areas.

Ponce Constuction Pool Service technicians will clean the buildup from your cell and restore it to its maximum efficiency. If your salt system shows Inspect Cell or Clean Cell, call Premier so our service technician can correct the problem. If you live in an area with high calcium levels, you may need to have your salt cells cleaned even more often.

The New Age of Automation is Here For Pools

Ponce Construction Service knows that most pool owners would prefer to sit back, relax and put your pool on cruise control. With an automated control system, scheduling and operating your filtration cycles, heating, pool and landscape lighting, sanitization, water features and more all become blissfully automatic.

Many pool owners opt to add pool automation onto their existing swimming pool in order to make their lives easier. Automated control systems provide easy, one-touch control of pool equipment and features. You can also track and review pool settings and check your water chemical balance. If you have a preference in Pool Automation equipment: Jandy Aqualink, Compool, Hayward, Polaris, or Pentair Intellitouch automation systems. We will quote it for you and install it for you.

Remove Unsightly Brown Stains From Your Pool With Our Acid Washing Service

Many of our customers have issues with staining at the bottom of their pool or have pools that have become taken over by algae due to poor winterizing, stagnant water or lack of pool care. A service that is especially helpful in these instances is acid washing your pool, often referred to as “drain & clean”.

Acid washing removes a thin layer of your plaster, gunite or Pebble-Tec to reveal a fresh surface. This removes algae, mineral, chlorine and even dirt stains from the bottom and sides of your pool. If your pool was poorly maintained in the past or has had stagnant water which turned into an algae bloom, algae and phosphates can become embedded in your pool’s finish, making it nearly impossible to get rid of. Acid washing your pool removes any algae or phosphates that are not otherwise removed with chemicals. When finished, the acid washing process gives your pool a clean, fresh new finish and clear, sparkling water.

Why Upgrade To A Variable Speed Pump?

Upgrading your old equipment to a new & efficient variable speed pump can literally save you thousands of dollars a year. They are one the most equipment upgrade we are asked to perform at Premier Pool Service because consumers have become so well educated on the cost savings that a variable speed pump can provide.

  1. A variable speed pump will save you alot of money.
  2. Quieter to operate in the backyard.
  3. Longer lifespan than single or dual speed pumps.
  4. In California they are now required by law!

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