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Pool Services


Pool start-up includes the appropriate balancing of chemicals. (chlorine, acid, salt, and algae removers)
Also includes a demonstration of how to operate your pool equipment via wifi.

The proper adjustment of all valves, pumps, lights, and optimizing the use of your pool heater. After 30 days
Weekly service includes:

  • Tile cleaning
  • Netting
  • Vacuum pool and spa
  • Brush walls and steps
  • Chemical balancing
  • Cleaning pump & skimmer baskets
  • Weekly pool equipment inspection.
  • Pool equipment repairs and new installation.
  • Residential and commercial.
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Heater
  • Filters (d.E.- cartridge – sand)
  • Color changing light
  • Acid wash
  • Wifi controllers
  • We specialize in salt systems

With more than 30 years of experience in the swimming pool industry
Ponce pool services works with the most reliable and affordable brands like
Pentair jandy hayward raypak and much more…

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Can’t Be Ignored at any Cost
At Ponce Construction, our experts are ready to take responsibility and fulfill it to core
We follow the entire process stringently to deliver optimum results as per the client’s expectation

Whether there’s a need for minor or immense help in pool cleaning and maintenance, we step forward to perform the essential tasks and accomplish them to the optimum. You will face many hassles while performing the necessary tasks involved in pool maintenance and cleaning. Still, we follow the specific steps that make the process hassle-free and get accomplished quickly.
At Ponce Construction, we deliver customized pool cleaning and maintenance services in Orange County for the comfort of our clients and to keep them free from the hassles involved in the process. Our experts are experienced, and they perform the tasks associated with pool cleaning quite easily,
We apply the options available to deliver pool cleaning and maintenance services in Orange County. Our highly qualified and licensed experts know the process that involves specific techniques to be implemented for the best outcome and client satisfaction.

Water Testing: Our 7-point water test gives an accurate idea about the chemicals in the pool and appropriate steps to make pool water clear and healthy while keeping its finishing and equipment safe.

Sanitize: It’s essential to sanitize the pool water with chlorine tablets that prove worth comprehensive pool water sanitization. Our professionals prioritize this when it comes to providing pool cleaning and maintenance services to clients.

Filter Cleaning: All types of filters are meant to be clean, and our pool cleaning and maintenance services include the filter clean-up that ensures an effective drainage system in the pool. Other than this, essential tasks like backwashing and complete media replacement are performed to perform optimum filter cleaning.

Pool Shocking: At Ponce Construction, our pool cleaning and maintenance services involve a shocking process to flush out organic contaminants. We implement this process weekly or biweekly to keep pool water safe from toxins.

Empty Baskets: It’s about removing debris through skimmer baskets that prevent clogging. Our pool cleaning and maintenance services in Orange county is performed seamlessly through the equipment

Water Balance Check: We ensure your pool water is free from algae as we use a particular line of suncoast chemicals that are quality tested and do not harm the water. This is one of the essential attributes of Pool Maintenance Services in Orange County at Ponce Construction.

Brush Pool: At Ponce construction, our Pool Maintenance Services in Orange County include brush pool walls, tile, waterline, and many other tasks that offer complete satisfaction to clients.

Our Monthly Pool Maintenance Services in Orange County remain in the client’s budget as we perform essential activities like weekly and biweekly cleaning services. The proper vacuuming is done on the pool walls once they get brushed to remove the dirt accumulated with time. It’s not a DIY task as professional experience is required to complete the Pool Cleaning & Maintenance service.

Ponce Construction | One-Stop Destination for Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

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