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New Age Designs and Ponce Construction

Ponce Construction & New Age Designs are proud and excited to offer a three-dimensional virtual reality design of your yard.

Ponce is known for creating one-of-a-kind outdoor environments that transform your perfect home and ends with something beyond your greatest expectations.

We design and build outdoor living spaces that reflect your vision and your lifestyle. Our unique landscapes take into consideration your personal style, your surroundings, and the ambiance you desire for your home. Elegant, sophisticated, modern, or eclectic – our innovative vision and extensive experience ensure that your home’s exterior presentation will be breathtaking, beautifully designed, and uniquely yours.

For 30 years, homeowners like you have trusted Ponce Construction for resort environments that are exceptionally designed, cost effective, and ready to enjoy the day you move in. Count on us to create exclusive spaces that enhance your home’s style, comfort, and value.